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The Invacare Oxygen Concentrator Perfecto2

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Invacre Perfecto2oxygen concentrator is an economical addition to the premier Invacare stationary concentrator line. This 5-liter concentrator is small, quiet and lightweight and comes standard with the Invacare® SensO2® Oxygen Sensor. The Perfecto2 V unit incorporates many of the best features of the market-leading Invacare® Perfecto2™ Concentrator, including its contemporary, patient preferred external design and color.
  • Top handle for ease of mobility
  • Pressure-based system is superior to timing-based systems
  • Self-diagnostic electronics minimize troubleshooting time. Alarms and safety systems: Battery-free power-loss alarm; Invacare® Sieve-GARD™ Monitor protects sieve from degradation; Invacare® SensO2® Oxygen Monitor; Compressor 35 PSI pressure-relief valve, Low flow alarm
  • Servicing parts compatibility: Compatible with many Invacare® Platinum™ Oxygen Concentrator parts
  • Simplified preventative maintenance schedule: Replace preventative maintenance components as needed
Specification Model 520
Dimensions: 23" (H) x 13" (W) x 11.5" (D)
Product Weight: 39 lb.
Shipping Product Weight: 45 lb.
Quantity: 1 Per Case 27 Per Pallet
Oxygen: Flow: 5 LPM Altitude: 8,000 ft. 6,000 ft. w/HomeFill System
Flow Settings: 0.5-5 LPM
Maximum Outlet Pressure: 5+/-0.5 PSI
Pressure: Relief Mechanism: 35 PSI, +/-3.5 PSI
Concentration Levels: 95.6%-87% At All Flow Rates
Filters: Cabinet Compressor Inlet Outlet HEPA
Electrical: Requirements: 120 VAC, +/-10%, 60Hz
Rated Current Input: 3.0 A
Power Consumption: Average: 325 W @ 3 LPM
Sound Level: 43 db.
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